Curriculum Vitae  Harold de Bree 

Geboren te Voorschoten, woon en werkzaam in Den Haag.


The Work I make has often a industrial and /or military glow to it, these objects with their
sober and pure forms, result in brut and strong images.
Heavy, nasty, colossal, dangerous, object. Images with a grey complexion
Work that could be considered as repeated and or reconstruction of parts of history.
Take it for what it is, at the first glimpse, after that the structure will become les concrete, clarity will be replaced by uncertainty; answers by questions.
Like some scent, they awaken and trigger mixtures of memories, feelings and thoughts in our brain.

2014            Charlie Smith London / London/ 'The Great War'

2013            Schau Fenster / Berlin / Am Tisch

2013            Five years Gallery / London / Joan of Art / SOS Sauna Boat

2013            Venice Biennale / Maldives Pavilion / “SOS Sauna Boat”

2013            Gemeentemuseum / The Hague / Collapsed Bailey bridge /

2013            Venice Biennale / Joan or Art / Maldives Pavilion/ “The Golden Calf”

2013            Twente Biennale / “Stealth Drones”

2013            Nieuwe Vide / Haarlem / ‘s Gravenhaarlem

2012            Uhm collective/ The Hague/ “Being Homonym”

2012            Artisterium2013 / Tbilisi/

2012            9 Dragonheads, / Uzbekistan / Aral sea

2012            Re; Rotterdam / Rotterdam / Observation Shelter / group

2012            Platform57 / Den Haag / Ruiterstandbeeld WILLEM II

2011            Nest / The Hague / “I Should Have Done That”

2011            CHARLIE SMITH / London /“ANTHOLOGY” Juried Exhibition

2011            Horizonverticaal / Haarlem/ “Two Sides”

2010            Gallery West / The Hague/ “Bunker 5”

2010            Plan-d / Düsseldorf / “Bipolar”



Fonds bkvk: 2x basisstipendium 2007 and 2012
Fonds bkvb: 2x bijdrage werk budget 2008 and 2009
Mondriaan fund: 1x overseas funding 2013
Stroom Den Haag: p-regelingen en 2x premium. 2007 and 2012
Stroom Den Haag: 

chaired first price The Hague Sculptuur Rabobank Award 2007.
chaired 2e price ANTHOLOGY Juried Exhibition - CHARLIE SMITH London 2011.
Re: Rotterdam 2013 Shortlist best presentation.


vvork, artbbq,  trendbeheer,,
Vernissage TV voor Manifesta7, The Rest of Now.

kranten oa
Nederland:Haagsche courant, Algemeen dagblad.
manifesta7 foto’s en tekst in NRC en Volkskrant
Den Haag Centraal

print: oa
Catalogus Den Haag sculptuur. o.a P.Peters.
Catalogus galerie west 01 P.Peters
Stroom premium uitgave. P.Peters
Catalogue Maldives Pavilion Venice Biennale
Catalogue Manifesta7
DH 2009 2010 2012
Harold de Bree (gevaarlijk spel) 2009
De Nieuwe Arti et Amicitiae no.23 “toekomst”
Galerie West 5X bunker uitgaven 2010